SEE Technical Reports

1. ORBVIEW-2 Orbit Raising Operations Report, Sept. 16, 1997.

Space Exploration Engineering, Inc. planned and executed the orbit-raising task for the SeaStar (ORBVIEW-2) spacecraft launched August 1, 1997. During these operations, the $50 Million SeaStar spacecraft carrying the SeaWifs instrument was raised from its initial mean altitude of 300 km to a final orbit of 705 km. 32 total maneuvers were required, and all maneuvers were planned and verified with SEE's RR-MAT software in real time. Ultimately, the SeaStar spacecraft reached its target orbit well within all of the tolerances set in the mission requirements.

2. ORBVIEW-2 One Year Orbit Performance Report, Aug. 27, 1998.

The orbit of the SeaStar (ORBVIEW-2) spacecraft, launched on August 1, 1997, is analyzed after one year in orbit using SEE's RR-MAT software. Based on this analysis, the long term (5-year) performance of the orbit is predicted.