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Great Article about LADEE that somehow didn’t get posted here 3 years ago

Not sure why this never got posted, but I meant to put this link up 3 years ago during the middle of LADEE OPS. I created a draft version of the post, and then lost track of it.

Anyway, here’s a great article written by Liz Fuller-Wright, an excellent writer from the CSM who interviewed […]

“Back of the Envelope” Astrogation: Re-creating the New Horizons Trajectory

A “Star Wars” Rebel astrogation Officer does some “back of the envelope” work

As I was watching the great success of the New Horizons team, I became motivated to do a bit of quick “back of the envelope” calculations to re-create the trajectory. I don’t have to start completely from scratch, because […]

Candidate Object on Asteroid Zoo could be “Snoopy” from Apollo 10

Interesting stuff, check it out:


The post mentions a previous Astrogator’s Guild posting:

Finding Snoopy

Could the Meteorite crater in Nicaragua be related to Asteroid 2014 RC?

On CNN.com there was a story “Meteorite makes big crater in Nicaragua” by Amanda Barnett. In the article, Amanda wrote: ‘AP quoted government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo as saying they’ve determined it was a “relatively small” meteorite that “appears to have come off an asteroid that was passing close to Earth.”‘ Well, that’s enough to get […]

Post Landing Look at the Chang’e 3 Trajectory

The Chang’e 3 Lander is on the surface! What an amazing accomplishment for our Chinese friends. Now that it’s down, let’s take a look back at our guesses of the trajectory and see what we got wrong, and what we know about the real trajectory now that we know the landing site and the time […]

One last guess at the Chang’e 3 Landing

With our last post, we identified the overall nature of the Chang’e 3 trajectory, now let’s try to narrow it down a bit to see what the landing approach might look like.

Firstly, we should add to the previous post. You might have noticed in the last posting:


Chang’e 3 LOI Geometry (Click […]

Guessing the Chang’e-3 trajectory [Where is Chang’e-3 now]

Our Chinese colleagues launched a lander to the Moon on December first, but unfortunately they have chosen not to publicly share where their spacecraft is. A few days ago there were several TLEs in Spacetrack associated with the Chang’e 3 launch, all of which didn’t appear to be associated with it at first glance (wrong […]

LADEE Orbit Determination – How we Find Where LADEE is, and Where it’s Going

Part of an astrogator’s job is to determine the spacecraft’s current orbit, and predict where it will be in the future, just as the navigators on sailing ships figured out where their ship was and where they were going. Those navigators used star sightings, Sun observations, and accurate clocks to figure out their latitude and […]