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AM4, Antarctica and the Moon

Paul Spudis does an excellent job describing why Express-AM4 should be saved, and then makes a comparison to how things should proceed for Lunar Exploration.

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Can We Repurpose Space Assets?

AM4 is still up, although reports from Russia show it scheduled to be de-orbited on the 25th.

Russians to Decide Fate of Express-AM4

Astrogator Mike has worked a lot recently on a re-purposing plan for the Express-AM4 spacecraft, and is quoted extensively in this article.

Don’t splash the bird!

Russians to decide on Polar Broadband Plan

This could be a great mission for science, and involved some decent Earth-orbiting astrogation. Stay tuned for more details of this […]

Better Spacecraft Re-entry Predictions

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and the Air Force Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) came up with a new approach to predicting re-entry while trying to track Phobos-Grunt. Article here:

A New Approach to Predicting Re-Entry

Basically their approach was to take a supercomputer and give it access to the best real-time tracking available. […]

Geometry Relating To 2012 DA14 Earth Flyby in 2013

(Follow-up from Dan Adamo)

It seems Nature has supplied a timely footnote for my 2011 AG5 risk corridor analysis. Attached are heliocentric and geocentric plots spanning NEO 2012 DA14’s close Earth approach on 15 Feb 2013. Recent Horizons prediction data (reference ephemeris JPL#15) for that event appear in the following table.


Earth Asteroid Imacts: The Earth Risk Corridor

The following is from Dan Adamo, guest astrogator and a former Flight Dynamics Officer at JSC. Dan runs a mail list called the ATIG (Astrodynamics Technical Interchange Group). Last year he graciously allowed me(Mike) to be a part of the group, and since then I get interesting articles from him every month or so. This […]