AstroFDS is a Flight Dynamics System for Orbit Analysts to use in Space Mission Operations.

AstroFDS supports multi-user, multi-satellite, cloud-based systems and provides interfaces, workflows, and configuration control of the commercial software Ansys/AGI STK and ODTK.

By managing the various inputs and outputs, file naming and retrieval, and consistently configuring ODTK and STK with operational settings, AstroFDS allows the Orbit Analyst to focus on specific tasks that the human operator can uniquely perform, such as trajectory design interaction and filter tuning and calibration.

Reduce Manual User Entry, Automate Routine Processes, & Reduce Operational Cost & Risk

Why AstroFDS? Where is the Spacecraft and Where is it Going?


  • Ground Station Scheduling
  • Acquisition/Pointing Data
  • Predicted Range & Doppler
  • Communications Assessment
  • Tracking Data Evaluation


  • Orbit Estimation
  • Maneuver Recovery
  • Tracking System Trending & Calibration
  • Force Model Estimation
  • Orbit Uncertainty Analysis


  • Trajectory Design
  • Maneuver Planning
  • Attitude and Sensor Constraint Checking
  • Product Generation & Delivery
  • Orbit and Event Prediction
  • Collision Avoidance


  • Telemetry Processing
  • Maneuver Reconstruction
  • Engine Calibration
  • Propellant Gauging
  • Attitude and System Bias Calibration

Mission Operations & Flight Dynamics

Flight Dynamics Operations can be complex and onerous, and requires detailed configuration control.

AstroFDS addresses these issues by providing routine procedural workflows and configuration management, with automation functionalities.  



    AstroFDS operational workflows

    AstroFDS is a system of Flight Dynamics capabilities, organized as User Workflows.

    Workflows function in concert with other Workflows, sharing data and files through a common database.

    AstroFDS supports multiple users, multiple satellites and parallel processes.

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