Space mission proposals, program milestone reviews, and investment pitches require detailed technical due diligence to assess the feasibility of the project, and highlight weaknesses and gaps.

Our experience working on government and commercial missions, as well as with new space startups, enables us to evaluate proposed mission concepts and business plans. Our team has reviewed many commercial investment pitches, been on investment teams, and participated in NASA review boards. We also have helped startups raise capital by adding technical details and analysis to their pitches.

We can help you evaluate potential business models, and look into their technological dependencies. We understand critical paths and supply chains, and we can assess feasibility as well as estimate costs. We continuously study technological advances, and develop detailed models and simulations to determine when and if missions and other space projects are viable.

SEE provides technical due diligence for:

  • Commercial and government proposal reviews
  • Program milestone reviews
  • Investor business plan reviews
  • Space startup pitch development


We model mission orbits and geometry. We perform trade-off and statistical analysis. We develop and validate mission requirements.


We help develop realistic plans to accomplish the goals of the mission within the technical and budget constraints. We can validate assumptions, and propose alternatives to overcome obstacles.


We design trajectories to meet mission needs, and develop launch windows and propellant budgets. We analyze tracking systems and perform error analysis, calculating how well the orbits will be known during operations.


We plan orbit maneuvers, and calibrate engines. We perform orbit determination and collision avoidance operations. We plan attitude profiles to meet communication and navigation needs.